Together. Porcelain painting workshop

Course title: Together (porcelain painting workshop)

Teaching period: 06.06. – 13.06.2019  (5thJune – arrival, 14thJune – departure)
Teacher(s): prof. Dainis Lesins, Liga Skarina, Eugenia Loginova.
Guest lecturer prof. Sergey Rusakov  fromThe Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design

ECTS:  1.5
Level: BA / MA
Available places for CIRRUS students: 2
CIRRUS grant: 70 EUR weekly + travel grant 330 EUR (Iceland 660 EUR)

Requirements: to prepare some sketches of your design for painting on 2 porcelain plates (25cm) and 2 cups. Working tools (various brushes, palette scraper, pen with a nib and etc.) shall be taken along with you. Accommodation & working material cost for all participants – local & international: 180 EUR (see details below).

Application deadline: 01.05.2019. (results will be announced on 03.05.2019.)

How to apply:
Please send a short motivation letter (mention also your home university, study level, contacts) and some photos of your art works (could be portfolio, electronic version or web link) to the e-mail address:

Course description:

Students’ porcelain painting praxis will take place within the framework of the International Porcelain painting symposium ‘Together’. The students will be given a unique possibility to be introduced to professional artists, their oeuvre.  Symposium participants come from different countries – Lithuania, Germany, USA, Poland, Spain, South Korea, Turkey, Russia and Latvia.

During the course the classical overglaze painting technique will be taught to the students.

It is envisaged to provide an intensive study course – lectures, workshops, professional practice and evening seminars by demonstration of individual presentations of participants.

Assignment:  The course is focused on overglaze painting. A simple shaped porcelain ware will be given and used.

Envisaged results:  Students are taught and are acquainted with the work process of overglaze porcelain painting technique.


Additional information:

Venues of the symposium – a splendid and picturesque resort by the seaside in Jurmala.

Participation fee is compulsory for all the participants, for students (with discount): 180 EUR. It covers costs of accommodation in double room, working materials and firing. Catering is not provided, but each room is equipped with fridge, teapot, microwave.