New pedagogical formats

Chaired by:
Kristiina Krabi-Klanberg, EKA

March 18, 9.30 – 10.30 CET

Going digital has been a turbulent process over the past year. When replication of what we normally do in a classroom is not enough, we begin to explore and experiment.  Which new ways of learning and teaching have you implemented recently? What has helped you as a “long-distance educator”? What would you like to share with others?

For preparation.  Please prepare to share in 3-4 minutes 1–2 examples of concrete cases from your own practice. How have you managed to overcome the difficulties of distance-learning? Maybe even discovered something surprisingly valuable in the new situation – something to keep when the normalcy returns? Please prepare 1–3 pages in PDF-format to visualise your example and to share your screen during our Zoom-meeting. We will discuss a few examples to kick the session off and go in more detail in breakout rooms.

Kristiina Krabi-Klanberg has been teaching and researching at the field of higher and adult education for almost 20 years. She is a head of the Open Academy in EKA and is researching teaching practices in creative higher education. Also she has been the leader of EKA Summer Academy where we explore with our faculty and students the new fields of study, educational approaches. 

Kristiina Krabi-Klanberg

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