Coordinators workshops

Coordinators workshop 1

Chaired by:
Tuuli Junolainen

March 17, 15 – 16.00 CET / 16 – 17.00 EET / 14 – 15.00 GMT

Lecture: Supporting mental health in the turbulent times (of COVID-19)
Discuss principles as well as strategies and concrete techniques of how to support your own mental health and others in the times of uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought to our lives.

Tuuli Junolainen is a psychologist and a coach working at Telesis Coaching and Peaasi. She works with organizations identifying areas for organizational, team and individual development as well as designing and providing strategies to enhance business performance. She use exclusively evidence based and scientifically proven methodology – behavioural science, cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy and co-active coaching.

Coordinators workshop 2

March 18, 9.30 – 10.30

Mapping CIRRUS, Hanna Karkku (Aalto). What do we need to make exchanges more smoothe, information more accessible? Give us your input!

Joint platform for Nordic networks or not? Lina Koseleva, Aalto. Do we need an app/webpage/database to know more about Nordic networks of similar disciplines (KUNO, Nordic-Baltic Academy of Architecture, etc).
Discussions in groups.

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