April 27, 2015

Emergence in Making – Rethinking Local Design Production

August 6 -14, 2015

‘Emerging in Making – rethinking local design production’ – is a one week intensive workshop to question and investigate the value and assets in the local manufacturing of furniture and related products. The course will be organised in the Sykkylven – region on the west coast of Norway. This particular area is historically important concentration of two-third of the Norwegian furniture manufacturing industry.

Students in CIRRUS schools, who have passed three years of study (either in degree programmes or at their MA level currently) are invited to submit applications due May 15.

CIRRUS/Nordplus will cover student scholarship according to the Nordplus rules (70 EUR week + travel grant 330 EUR, Iceland 660 EUR) for travel, local transport and food.
The students will be accommodated in shared cabins (4 persons per cabin).

In case of high volume of applications the decision will be made by KHIO organising committee with Toni Kauppila leading the process.



‘Emerging in Making – rethinking local design production’ – is a one week intensive workshop to question and investigate the value and assets in the local manufacturing of furniture and related products. The course will be organised in the Sykkylven – region on the west coast of Norway. This particular area is historically important concentration of two-third of the Norwegian furniture manufacturing industry. Many of the past success stories and Norwegian design classics would have their roots in the area. In the past years though, there has been increasing challenges for the industry to compete with the more saturated and international markets within the field. Also issues raised by the polarising of the global production costs dispute the positioning of the local manufacturing in countries like Norway with high labour expenses.
Part of this phenomenon several operators within the furniture sector have been moving their activities to other locations, including the Baltic region. This dualistic geographical set-up within the design- and craft disciplines also underlines the importance of the issue within the CIRRUS network. To foster this current situation, the operators within the Sykkylven region have established a collective cluster, titled the ‘MØBELKRAFT’ – the Inspiration and Competence centre for Norwegian Furniture Industry.
The ambition of this initiative is to bring together all the parties, including nearly 30 manufacturers and suppliers, to focus on re-establishing the cluster’s position in the field. The objective of the workshop is to familiarize the students with this challenge, get acquainted with the operators within the cluster and to make design experiments to explore the emerging potential within the industry.
Aims and objectives:
• Learning the basics of working with the product industry
• Collaborative working methods
• Elaborating design processes between analytical thinking and material-based crafting
• Using designerly methods to communicate …
• Thinking about critical issues related to local and global manufacturing
The overall responsibility for the organising the teaching lies within the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, who will provide two highly internationally acknowledged professors within the specialised field, both with an academic and practical background. The responsible leader for the workshop will be professor Toni Kauppila, who is the head of the interior architecture and furniture design program. The other teacher in charge will be professor (in furniture and product design) Sigurd Strøm.
The main pedagogical and didactical approaches are: contact learning, learning by doing, lectures and presentations. The pedagogical principle of this workshop is to provide the students with an inspiring way to gain knowledge and expertise and experience, the student being in an active role in this process. It will also give an opportunity to learn project working skills from the preparatory work till the end result, as the students will participate in the documentation. Preparatory work via email will familiarize the students with the historical, social and economical facts about the cluster. The students will share their knowledge about specific production practises. It also allows the students to exchange ideas, information and cultural standing points with the fellow students and participating teachers. Contact learning on site is emphasized and it forms the core of this workshop. Teacher presentations will give a look into different projects and methods used in the disciplines in question. After the students have delivered the report and documentation material the tutoring teacher will take care of the assessment of the students. The students will receive 3 ECTS credits in case of successful evaluation (pass/fail) in ECTS system. Each institution is responsible for recognition of results by adding it to the student’s diploma supplement.
In the first part of the course students are introduced to the area and the partnering parties by visits and lectures. The teachers of the course present the design challenges and issues linked to the theme by seminars and classes. The second part of the course students will get hands-on design assignments to address the theme. Teachers will provide tutorials to assist the students’ work. The final phase includes further experimental explorations to communicate and disseminate the students’ findings both by visual and material means.
The outcomes of the workshop will be publicly presented and discussed with the representatives of the Furniture Cluster in Sykkylven at the end of the course. The students will meet several members of the MØBELKRAFT cluster in the process, including different producers and key personnel of the manufacturers. Edited version of the course will also be exhibited publicly during the Designers’ Saturday in Oslo in September 2015. The organisers will also prepare a publication of the key results of the course.

Into the Woods, express course, May 24 – 29, 2015

CIRRUS students engaged in various forms of art, design and architecture are hereby invited to take part in the workshop “Into the Woods”, 24-29 May 2015. The venue for the workshop is the island Kvamsøy, located in Sognefjorden in Western Norway, surrounded by the deep fjord and high mountains. During the workshop participants will be introduced to different approaches for working with wood, and build experimental, spatial structures while at the same time live and work in the woods. The magnificent landscape, the lush nature, the bay, the sky and climate will hopefully be a great source of inspiration and could offer great experiences.
Details and program, see also Into The Woods Invitation

Number of available CIRRUS seats: 3
Course level: BA & MA
Fee: NOK 1000,-

CIRRUS/Nordplus will pay out the regular 330 EUR travel (Iceland 660 EUR) + 70 EUR a week grant. The price 1000 NOK for the workshop (appr. 120 EUR) includes accommodation and food. No extras will be paid out.

All applicants are kindly asked to send their motivation statement to within 17 April (please note that the application deadline for CIRRUS students differs from the deadline in the flyer). Your application should consist of an idea – a description of your purpose for joining the workshop. Your ideas will be part of the workshop as a joint venture.


AHO: PhD Fellowship – Designing for Additive Manufacturing

PhD Fellowship – Designing for Additive Manufacturing

Application deadline: 28.2.2014
Expected Start Date: September 2014
Rachel Troye
Steinar Killi
Telephone: +47 22997146
Mobile: +47 90108728

Designing for Additive Manufacturing is regarded of the more important contemporary topics to research within the community of product design. Additive Manufacturing has been a buzzword for several years now. Research has been performed around the technical aspects of this production technology, but very scarcely around actual design processes. Additive Manufacturing (AM) is predicted to have the potential to start the ‘next industrial revolution’, being disruptive is not enough though. What is needed is informed and situated design production, knowledge and critique in design research terms too.This design  PhD Fellowship position is centered in practice-oriented design inquiry that involves production with analysis. At the core is a need to develop design methodology and design processes that would be useful for designers and companies and to reflect on these in and as formal researches.

CIRRUS meeting to be held in Kolding, September 25-27, 2013.

CIRRUS meeting of rectors/heads and coordinators

Kolding School of Design, Denmark 
Main organizers: Lone Dalsgaard André, Anette Flinck
September 25-27, 2013


If you wish to have something on the agenda, please send your request to <>

Wednesday the 25th:

17.00: We meet at the school entrance, Ågade 10 and walk to Koldinghus Castle
17.30: Welcome to the Castle by Museum Director Poul Dedenroth-Schou at Koldinghus Castle
19.00: Dinner at Koldinghus Castle

 Thursday the 26th:

09.00 – 17.00 Program begins at the school with joint meetings.
After lunch the seminar is split up in coordinator meetings and teacher/rector meetings
18.00: Dinner at the school

PLEASE NOTE: The teacher/rector meeting will include mapping of our institutions educations. In the meeting you will put focus on HOW you teach at your institution. WHICH structure and paedagogic are the foundation of your education.

That will create a good foundation of the educational mapping that was discussed in Gothenburg. We will provide a facilitator for this process. So please bring along a person who wants to participate in this process!!

Friday the 27th:

09.00: Program begins at the school
11.30: Bus to Art Museum Trapholt

Guided tour and lunch at Art Museum Trapholt.

14.00/14.30: Bus will leave the museum so you can return home in the afternoon.


You can fly to Billund Airport which is the closest airport:
Or fly to Copenhagen Airport and take the train to/from Copenhagen: