CERAMIC SHELL BRONZE CASTING – THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF FIRE AND THE FURNACE The Faculty of Telšiai (Vilnius Academy of Arts) is hosting a Cirrus express course: “Ceramic shell bronze casting – The Transformative Power of Fire and the Furnace”. Teachers: … continue reading

CIRRUS express in Iceland / March 25 – 29, 2019

  Title of course: A More Sustainable Future Teaching period: March 25th – 29th 2019 Teacher: Elisa Palomino ECTS: 2 Number of available place for CIRRUS students: 3 Level: BA Requirements: Student applicants should be design students registered in a fashion/textile programme … continue reading

Express in Riga: Re///Action. Apply due Jan 25

  Title of course: Re///Action Teaching period: February 18-23, 2019 Teacher(s): Martin Foessleitner ECTS: 1.5 Number of available place for CIRRUS students: 4 Level: BA and MA Requirements:User Testing Support Course for Graduating Students (for those who are planning to graduate … continue reading

Applications to CIRRUS board 2019 – 2022

Due January 13, 2019 CIRRUS secretariat received 5 board applications for 2019-2022: 1. Estonian Academy of Arts, Kristjan Mändmaa CIRRUS board motivation statement Kristjan Mändmaa CIRRUS support letter Kristjan Mändmaa 2. Iceland University of the Arts, Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir CIRRUS board … continue reading

Foil printing workshop “Overprint”

Foil printing workshop “Overprint” Dates: 21 – 25 January 2019 in Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn Grant available: 330 EUR travel/660 EUR Iceland + weekly allowance 70 EUR ECTS: 2 Short course description The aim of workshop is to explore … continue reading

New! Express course in Iceland. Apply due November 25

2 seats are open for CIRRUS network. Grant: 70 EUR weekly + 660 EUR travel grant. ALL INFORMATION HERE.

CIRRUS express course in Iceland. Together: Platform.

Title of course: Together: Platform Hosting school: Iceland Academy of the Arts Teaching period: 1st April – 9th May, 2019 Teacher(s): Ari Marteinsson, Marteinn Sindri Jónsson ECTS: 4 Number of available places for CIRRUS students: 7 Level: BA Grant available per student EUR: 660 travel + 70 weekly … continue reading

Expectations to Education from the Outside and the Inside. Bridge and Bridging between the Digital and Physical

Thank you all for an excellent meeting! CIRRUS TEACHERS SEMINAR AND ANNUAL NETWORK MEETING 2019 Hosted by: Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design University of Bergen, Norway Address: Mollendalsveien 61  Dates: February 13 – 15, 2019 Theme: Expectations to the Education from the Outside … continue reading

CIRRUS board elections. Period: 2019-2022. Deadline to apply: January 13, 2019

Call for CIRRUS board members CIRRUS invites dedicated members to apply for CIRRUS board for the period of 2019 – 2022.* The board members may be nominated by home institutions or other member institutions. The person aiming to become a … continue reading

Urban Space Gaming

URBAN SPACE GAMING workshop (Nordplus intensive course) Iceland University of the Arts, Reykjavik, Iceland 4-8 February, 2019 Workshop to be arranged at the Icelandic University of the Arts, Reykjavik, Iceland, 4th – 8th February, 2019 as a collaboration of three … continue reading