Artistic vs Design Research

Chaired by:
Ruth-Helene Melioranski, EKA
Oliver Laas, EKA

March 18, 9.30 – 10.30 CET

The workshop address questions about the present and future of both artistic as well as design research from the perspective of shared practices, future prospects and the impact of technical developments, such as automation, on the creative professions.

Ruth-Helene Melioranski is a design researcher in the Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonia. She has a background in design practices and many of her projects explore how design can tackle societal challenges. Through these practice-based research projects she is conceptualising new and emerging design practises both in professional and higher educational contexts. In her professional practice, she is leading several strategic, service and co-design projects which aim to help partners to vision their future possibilities and build scenarios.

Oliver Laas is a philosopher, cultural theorist and artist whose research focuses on metaphysics, logic, philosophy of technology and semiotics. He works in EKA Faculty of Fine Arts as an Associate Professor and Junior Researcher.

Ruth-Helene Melioranski
Oliver Laas

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