CIRRUS network meeting. March 17, 18, 2021. Hosted online by EKA & CIRRUS board


March 17–18. (ALL TIMES IN CET)

Wednesday, March 17

13:00–14.45 General assembly no.1
13:00–13:05  Welcome! – Rector Mart Kalm, EKA
13:05–13:15   Agenda & Practical info, intro of the board 
13:15–13:20  Hello, everyone! Breakout-room testing
13:20–13:40  Presentation of EKA– Kristjan Mändmaa, EKA

13:40–13:55 Break

13:55–14.35  Keynote “Uncertainty/Complexity” – Johan Redström, UID 

Being invited to talk about complexity and uncertainty in design, this will be a somewhat speculative story about the two the notions, and how they might be related as design evolves towards what often seems to be increasing amounts of both. In particular, I would like to discuss why it seems we, as educators and researchers in these forms of higher education, can take less and less for granted in design even as we learn more and more about designing. 
Short bio
Johan Redström is Professor in Design at Umeå Institute of Design. Working at the intersections, and interactions, between research through design and design philosophy, recent interests tend to involve emerging technologies, posthumanist perspectives and new design practice.

14.35–14:45 Q&A/Discussions in breakout rooms

14:45–15:00 Break

15:00–16:20 Workshops
What’s going on?  
Presentations: Round of 2-minute overviews by leadership from each of the 18 member schools/institutes. No visuals. One person per school.  What is the national focus on in higher education in your country now? What are the main big challenges for your institution at the moment?
Chaired by: Lone Dalsgaard André, CIRRUS Chair, Kolding School of Design, Maria Göransdotter, CIRRUS board member, Umeå Institute of Design
Tuuli Junolainen: Supporting mental health in the turbulent times (of COVID-19)
Discuss principles as well as strategies and concrete techniques of how to support your own mental health and others in the times of uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought to our lives. 
Short Bio: Tuuli Junolainen is a psychologist and a coach working at Telesis Coaching and Peaasi. She works with organizations identifying areas for organizational, team and individual development as well as designing and providing strategies to enhance business performance. She use exclusively evidence based and scientifically proven methodology – behavioural science, cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy and co-active coaching.

15:00 – 16:00 TEACHERS’ WORKSHOPS 1:
15:00–16:00 Teachers’ workshop A: New cooperation and joint projects,– Maarja Mõtus, EKA & Nesli Hazal Akbulut, EKA
15:00–16:00 Teachers’ workshop B: Preparing our students for life after graduation – Stella Runnel, EKA
Moderator: Stella Runnel – the head of Department of Accessory Design and Bookbinding in Estonian Academy of Arts. In addition, she has her own accessory brand Stella Soomlais that is aligned with circular economy philosophy. Being the head of the curriculum and a sustainable design brand, she is actively having discussions on topics regarding the needs of students in order to have a successful professional career after their studies.
What’s our plan? 
Besides design skills, what else should we teach students to better prepare them for the world full of uncertainty? Workshop consists of interactive brainstorming and group discussions. No limited number of participants.

16:00–16:20 Sum-up of workshops with everyone together

Thursday, March 18

09:00–09:30 Welcome back everyone!
09:30–10:30 Leadership workshop 2
Workshop: Conversations in small groups, joint re-cap and full group sharing: Strategies for the upcoming academic study year and how to restart post/during-pandemic; The situation with international students; Other pressing topics. 
Chaired by: Lone Dalsgaard André, CIRRUS Chair, Kolding School of Design, Maria Göransdotter, CIRRUS board member, Umeå Institute of Design
09:30–10:30 Coordinator workshop 2
Mapping CIRRUS, joint platform for Nordic networks or not?

09:30–10:30 Parallel sessions 1
A: Artistic vs Design Research? – Oliver Laas, EKA & Ruth-Helene Melioranski, EKA
Where do Arts and Design Research intersect? Is there a common ground that fits all?
B: New pedagogical formats – Kristiina Krabi-Klanberg, EKA

Besides design skills, what else should we teach students to better prepare them for the world full of uncertainty?
Please share in 3-4 min concrete problem and your solution/example from your own practice either from planning teaching-learning, teaching-learning situation (approaches-methods, materials or sth similar) or from assessment-feedback. If you have 1-2 pages on pdf to visualise your example and share from your screen – it would be perfect.

10:30–10:45 Coffee break

10:45–11:45 Parallel sessions 2
A: Sustainable development goals in practice – Martin Sønderlev Christensen (Royal Danish Academy)
What difficulties have you faced in implementing sustainable development concepts in your field of study?
B Future of Design Education – Garðar Eyjólfsson (Iceland University of the Arts)
What have been the essence and aims of your recent major curriculum changes? Where is it all heading?

11:45 –11:50 Stretch your legs!
11.50–12:10 Sum-up of workshops
12:10–13:15: Lunch

13:15–14:30 General assembly no. 2
13:15–13:25  Network activities since last meeting
13:25–13:35  New CIRRUS website
13:35–13:50  Mapping CIRRUS schools
13:50–14:00  The budget and the finance situation
14:00–14:05  Changes in CIRRUS board
14:05–14:15  Next CIRRUS meeting 2022
14:25–14:30  Thank you and goodbye!