CIRRUS intensive workshop “Animation and Space – a blender’s guide to meshes in real-time video” in Klaipeda

The Faculty of Klaipeda (Vilnius Academy of Arts) are  hosting joint Cirrus workshop “Animation and Space – a blender’s guide to meshes in real-time video.”

1,5 ECTS
CIRRUS seats: 3
CIRRUS grant: 330/660 (Iceland) travel + 70 EUR weekly allowance

Klaipeda (Daržų st.18), Lithuania
October 23 – 25, 2017 (arrival October 22nd, departure October 26th)

During this workshop students will get an insight into using blender as a formidable open source alternative to programs that are either vastly expensive or that are only available through subscriptions that bind the user to a product and that create long term costs that are problematic for artists to deal with in their professional life. While blender offers a huge spectrum of possible areas to work in we would focus on the specifics of combining real world with animated elements, thus providing a tool for design and fine art students to work with on future projects that are either study related (ie film projects in the area of animation) or wider set (ie creating visuals for architectural or sculptural applications).

In the three days of our visit we’ll provide the basic set of skills for using blender on any computer system students bring to the class, showing step by step the different stages of creating a scene, integrating video layers, working with tracking systems and so on.

Emphasis is put on working phases that offer ample time for students to transfer the shown steps to their own project.

3 students will be selected from Cirrus network partner schools.

The workshop are open to students from disciplines: all artistic disciplines

Every participating student should bring his/her own computer. The most recent version of blender should already be installed (www.

Level: BA students
The teachers of the workshop are: Oliver Wetterauer (Teacher, Digital Media, Fine Art) and Volker Menke (Teacher, Digital Media, Architecture) State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart.

Applications should include your name, surname, home school, study year and level, a motivation statement (max 250 words), a link to your portfolio and CV and phone number.
All applications should be sent to

Deadline to apply: October 2, 2017
Decisions on selection are announced by October 9, 2017

About lecturers

Oliver Wetterauer. Since Oliver Wetterauer got a  degree of Arts in Fine and Performing Arts in 1995 he had a teacher position Media lab of the fine arts at the department Stuttgart Art Academy (Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart). O.Wetterauer participates at the Art exhibitions constantly. He also gives lectures around the world: the University of Southampton Winchester School of Art, the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw, the Eesti Kunstiakadeemia Tallinn and many more. 

Volker Menke. Since Volker Menke got a degree at University of Applied Sciences, Civil Engineering in 1999 he had a position scientific Assistant: Labor für Bauinformatik (laboratory computer science for civil Engineering), Detmold 1999-2000. Since 2000 V.Menke has a teacher position at the Architecture department Stuttgart Art Academy (CAD Labor für Architektur at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart).

You can find additional information about lecturers here:

 Workshop “Animation and Space – a blender’s guide to meshes in real-time video” timetable


Monday 23 rd

10 am – 12 pm Presentation of the workshop / modelling
12 pm – 13 pm break
13 pm – 17 pm modelling 2 / materials

Tuesday 24th

10 am – 12 pm modelling 3 / materials and textures
12 pm – 13 pm break
13 pm – 17 pm textures 2 / rigging / animation 

Wednesday 25 th
10 am – 12 pm camera tracking – guided
12 pm – 13 pm break
14 pm – 17 pm individual small project with camera tracking

CIRRUS Express course
Printmaking on textile: process and methods
University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design 
Course period: 11.9-29.9.2017
Course leaders: Ingrid Aarset, Tone Saastad, Kari Dyrdal and Lise Finne
Course level: BA/MA
Number of places for Cirrus students: 2
ECTS: 4,5
Apply by sending a brief motivation letter and work examples (max 3) to no later than 1 August.
CIRRUS grant: 330 EUR travel (Iceland 660 EUR) + weekly allowance 70 EUR
Course description

The aim is to show a lot of possibilities when processing textiles, using printrelated techniques in different manners and to show how this processing developes ideas and open up for new visual languages. There will be lectures on art projects related to the medium.

The course will provide a basic introduction to the use of fiber reactives dyes, specifically developed for textile materials, pigment dyes, resist printing, discharge printing, digital printing with fiberreactive dyes, devoré and monoprinting with silkscreens.

There will be theoretical introductions to each new theme followed by practical tutorials in the studios. The students will acquire individual experience and get to know the workshops very well.



Title course
Course period: 25.09. – 29.09.2017
Number of places for CIRRUS students: 2
Responsible teacher: Prof. Gudmundur Oddur Magnússon /
Requirements: the course is suitable for visual communication students as well as fine art (printmaking). Minimum year 2 bachelor. Master students are welcome as well.
Application: Send your full name, name of your home school and study programmme + examples of work (max 3 images) to no later than August 10, 2017
Grant: 660 EUR travel + 70 EUR weekly allowance

One week intensive workshop in poster design/making, organised by Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik with the non-profit organization Stowarzyszenie Ogrody Sztuki and the Poster Gallery in Kraków. Exhibitions of the Polish Poster will be will be in Reykjavik at three locations opened at same time as the workshop.

Workshop leaders will be:
Monika Starowicz

Sebastian Kubica

Leszek Żebrowski

poster polish 2
CIRRUS students are welcome to apply to four Estonian Academy of Arts Summer Academy 2017 courses:Clay 3D Printing
Toys For Elephants
Numbers and Cognition
Deadline: June 5, 2017

Information about application requirements, dates and ECTS is written at the web pages of the courses. Instead of inserting “a letter from your university to prove that you are a student” you should write in the application box “CIRRUS student”, so in case you are accepted, your coordinator will sign the application form and we’ll have a confirmation this way.Max 2 CIRRUS seats per course is granted (grant EUR 330 / EUR 660 Iceland travel + 70 EUR weekly allowance). However, if there are living costs announced, then these apply to CIRRUS students as well._____________________________________
Poster design workshop “LIKE A RUSTY NAIL ON A SHINY BLACK MERCEDES” with graphic designer Lahav Halevy (Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel)
2017 April 24 – 28th (arrival on 23rd of April and departure on 29th of April)CIRRUS seats: 2
VAA Vilnius faculty, Graphic design department, Maironio str. 3, Vilnius, Lithuania
Level: BA students
1,5 ECTS
Please send a motivation letter to Asta Jackute by e-mail:
Application deadline: 11th of April, 2017.
Decisions on selection are announced by April 13th, 2017.
 Graphic Design department of Vilnius Academy of Arts is hosting Cirrus express course/workshop on poster design. The workshop consists of joint lectures. Students will create a contemporary posters using different materials and techniques.2 students will be selected from Cirrus network partner schools.About lecturerLahav Halevy is the owner of one of the leading Graphic Design and Branding firms in Israel “Blue Collar Group” ( He is a political activist who uses both his abilities as a designer and a citizen to fight for what he believes in.TimetableMonday 24th09:00 – 12:00 Presentation lecture of the workshop.
12:00 – 13:00 A break.
13:00 – 17:00 Students are working in the groups.Tuesday 25th ; Wednesday 26th  Thursday 27th, 09:00 – 12:00 A brief discussions and work in creative process.
12:00 – 13:00 A break.
13:00 – 17:00 Students are working in the groups.

Friday 28th

09:00 – 12:00 Workshop continues
12:00 – 13:00 A break
13:00 – 17:00 The continuation of the work; final talk

Rusty NailLahav_Halevy

HDK – Academy of Crafts and Design offers a summer course open for students from the Cirrus network.

Wood firing: 7,5 ECTS, basic level is a 7 week summer course divided in two periods:
June 12 – June 30 + August 7 – September 1
Most of the time you will be working in your own studio
Seats: 2-4
Grant: travel 2 x 330 EUR (Iceland 660 EUR) + 70 EUR weekly (total 7 weeks)


The course is addressed to students with experience of working with ceramics who want to try new expressions through wood firing. We start with an introduction to the wood firing field and Anagamafiring where we explain how you can work both practically and artistically with wood firing.
The introduction will take place on June 12. (It is desirable but not mandatory to be in Gothenburg for the introduction on June 12. If you cannot make it, we will arrange a Skype section).

After that, you have a period of own work where you deepen in an individual project. Your own artistic approach/artistic expression will be the starting point, let the theoretical information from the first meeting be help in the work. The project has to be done in your own studio, there isn´t any possibility to work at HDK. You will then bring your project to Gothenburg, so be aware of that the pieces are not too big and ungainly.

August 19 – August 27, we will do a common Anagamafiring at Nääs. Here you will have teacher led instructions and briefings where theory around the different wood firing techniques are followed by practical work. During this week, you will also present your artistic work and how you have worked with your own project.

In the end of the week, we will evaluate and analyse the result from the wood firing. Back home you will end the course by handling in a description of your project in both text and pictures where you tell about the working process, the result and what you think about the possibilities for you to use wood firing in the future in your artistic work.

The wood firing will take place at HDK´s wood firing “open air laboratory” about 30 km from Gothenburg, close to Nääs castle area in Floda. Here we have several wood-fired kilns. The work during the week will be very intense, with different on-going work shifts. You will stay at Nääs hostel and we will cook together. Expenses for food and accommodation are upon you.

Qualification and registration

Entrance qualifications: Pre-knowledge in Ceramic, at least 60 ECTS.
Selection: the selection will be made upon work samples and motivation

Apply to the course: Send a complete application assembledin one pdf document (max 15 MB)
to  Anki Leissner at the latest April 18, 2017
Mark your email “Anagama summer course”

The application should include:

  1. Cover page: state your name, email, current studies, name of your home school and a short resume/CV of your previous studies in ceramics
  1. Certificate showing your pre-knowledge in Ceramics
  2. Motivation letter (max 2000 signs) motivate why you want to attend this course
  3. Portfolio: 5-7 pictures showing examples of former works

If you have any questions feel free to contact Anki Leissner, International Coordinator at HDK


CIRRUS lecture and workshop “The Text, the Body, the Book“ in Klaipeda faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts with Roma Auškalnyte mixed media artist (University of Arts Helsinki)
1,5 ECTS
CIRRUS seats: 3 (BA)Klaipeda, Lithuania
March 20th –23 rd, 2017 (arrive 19th of March and leave 24th of March)Please send a motivation letter motivational letter a (200 words) and a link to your portoflio to the lecturer of the Graphic Design department, Klaipeda faculty, associate professor Lidija Kukliene ( deadline: 1st of March
Decisions on selection are announced by March 6 th, 2017
DescriptionThe workshop will be divided into the three groups: the Text, the Body and the Book. They will analyze the body and text in graphic art, as well as in contemporary art contexts: how the body influences theobject, which is created and how to use it to find new forms of expression.Practical workshops will be organized during the performative tasks and we will try to look more into the line, the stain and the texture – the entire graphic arts trinity. Also discover the different and individual creative sources for each student.The workshop aim will be to broaden the perception of what the graphics and text is, how they change and how to use digital media (video) by integrating it to graphics and performance art.The final piece of the four day workshops will be – book, but its form, and the media will depend on each participant.The workshops are focused on the history of Klaipeda, and Book smugglers day, which will be commemorated on 16 th of March in Lithuania.About lecturerRoma Auškalnytė has worked for several years in a direction that may be referred to as „auto-biography.“ Her works were usually derived from memory as well as from some mementos that she had in her possession since childhood.From 2012 she started concentrating more on text based art in combination with printmaking or video, as well as various body/performance experiments. She is influenced by the printmaking processes, how it leads to new, ambiguous transformations of old ideas. Roma Auškalnytė is exploring body as material in printmaking, the importance of gesture and repetition which are always hidden behind the final print.Roma Auškalnytė now lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. You can find additional information about artist Roma Auškalnyte here:

3 students will be selected from Cirrus network partner schools and are entitled to CIRRUS scholarship (330 EUR travel/660 Iceland) + weekly allowance 70 EUR.



Monday 20 th

9 – 12 pm Presentation lecture of the workshops – mixed media artist Roma Auškalnyte.
12-13 pm A break
13-17 pm An informal review of students works (students should bring USB, or have themselfs works on a web page), visit to studio, discussion (familiarity with the workshops participants-tea, bisquits, other suggestions?:)


Thursday 21st „THE TEXT“

09- 10 am A brief lecture and discussions showing artists works and samples; a talk on the tasks of the day.
10-12 pm Preparation of space and a small exercise.
12-13 pm A break.
13-17 pm Experimental Graphic Workshop.

Wednesday 22 nd „THE BODY“

9-10 ap A brief lecture and discussion are showing artists and works and samples; a talk on the tasks of the day.
10-12 pm A small warm-up exercise.
12-13 pm A break.
13-17 pm Experimental Graphic Workshop.

Thursday 23 rd „THE TEXT“

9-10.30 am Presentation of Klaipeda, and the history of writing and books. The lecture leads guide educator Agne Jonikaitytė (The History museum of Lithuania minor).
10-12 pm The ending of the session and discussion on the continuation of the works, a small warm-up exercise.
12-13 pm A break.
13-17 pm The continuation of the work; final talk and presentation on the final works. Closing of the workshop.


Garage 48 Hardware & Arts 2017


Organisers: Estonian Academy of Arts, University of Tartu, Garage48 (the course will take place in Tartu)
Seats: 2
Deadline: January 16, 2017
Apply here

There is a registration fee 25 EUR to every student taking part in this event (not only CIRRUS students) that must be covered by the CIRRUS students as well.

Two seats have been reserved for CIRRUS students exclusively, so you don’t need to register at the web site of the event now, but after you have been granted a scholarship through  CIRRUS.

Everyone, who wants to join the event anyway (with or without grant) is welcome to register already now.
Grant available: 70 EUR for living costs + 330 EUR travel (Iceland 660 EUR)

The legendary Garage48 Hardware & Arts 2017 hackathon will be happening already on the 17-19th of February in Tartu, Estonia. The Garage48 Hardware & Arts hackathons are one of the most popular events in the Baltic region to build physical working prototypes! UI/UX and product designers, electronics, mechatronics and software engineers, marketers and science professionals are all welcome to build innovations in just 48 hours!

All the mentors, organisers and volunteers of the event are all active members of the ICT sector and hardware industries, giving the teams the best know-how and motivation to deliver their prototypes.


All available equipment and materials during the hackathon will be listed in our blog.


We will arrange buses leaving from Friday on route Tallinn-Tartu and back on Sunday evening straight after the event. The rest of the trip should be organized by the student him/herself.

CIRRUS/Nordplus Higher Education Intensive course
Period: 12.-18.3. 2017 (arrival day 12.3. and departure day 18.3.)
Location: Aalto University, Otaniemi Campus (Espoo)
Level: BA3 & MATarget group: students in all fields of design, architecture, media and art
Teachers: Marja Nurminen (Aalto ARTS), André Alves (University of Gothenburg, Valand Academy), Andreas Berg (Oslo National Academy of the Arts)
How to apply: Send a motivation letter and five drawings to lecturer Marja Nurminen by 18th of January, 2017. The selection is made in two weeks’ time and all students will get a notification by 1.2.2017.
How many places: 3 students from CIRRUS member schools will be selected.Accommodation: students will be accommodated free-of-charge in a hotel or hostel in Helsinki with easy public transport connections to the workshop site.
Mobility support: We will buy the flight tickets.
Description: Drawing is generic activity cross all disciplines in art, design, film, media, applied arts and architecture. Designers and artists, due to differences between the disciplines, often see it very differently and it often functions in very particular and individual ways.
Overall objects of the workshop: Supporting educational innovations in drawing (art) education, where teachers become co-learners instead of authorities, hierarchies in knowledge are not accepted. Furthermore, supporting networking and collaboration of students over all kinds of borders is important for us.
Goals: Students learn to use drawing as a versatile tool in their own work, and how they can assess and evaluate their own and their peers work and place themselves in the contemporary context of cultural practice.PROGRAMME OF THE WEEKSUNDAY 12.3. Arrival day
MONDAY 13.3. Marja Nurminen
(working hours 9 am to 5 pm every day).
Journey or trip is a classical theme in many art works. I personally have tried to picture a trip in many ways and my latest but surely not last painting about a journey is made in 2010 and is called Where Ever I Travel I Only Find Myself. Picture a trip or a journey or an everyday walk using simple medium like charcoal or pencil on paper. Choose large paper format and concentrate on drawing content.TUESDAY 14.3. Andreas Berg ”Taking the stairs.” The “Life and Ages of (Wo)Man” (-”ålderstrappan” was a popular motive in Swedish folk art from 1600s until the 1800s. It presents life like a pyramid, traditional and conventional, the motif reflects hopes and expectations. For a hundred and fifty years ago, it was almost unthinkable to become a hundred years old, but today it is possible. How do we picture a long life today? During one day we reinterpret the motive, the stairs of ages, and present updated versions.WEDNESDAY 15.3. André Alves
Walking, as movement in space, finds a parallel in the movement of the eye (through the trace left) on the page. In this workshop, we will go back and forth between the page and the space. The aim is to discover both the body and the relation of body with space of the drawer and how that can be used as a tool to gather material that can either be preparatory or the end-result of a drawing practice. Your drawings will explore how rhythms of moving your body translate into a landscape image. At a later stage, you will intervene in that image as if it was a topological space or architectonical stage for other drawing interventions.THURSDAY 16.3. by Sari Dhima
Head of One Campus project at Aalto University leads a walk in Otaniemi 9–11. Draw this walk or something inspired by it or work with those drawings that are not ready.FRIDAY 17.3. Exhibition, critic daySATURDAY 18.3. Departure day
Teaching staff: Professor Kari Dyrdal and Associate Professor Jon Pettersen
Level: BA and MA
Credits: 9 ECTS (weeks 4-10); 6 ECTS (weeks 7-10)
Application deadline: 1 December, 2016 (more on it below)
Grant: 330 EUR travel (Iceland 660 EUR)/ + 70 EUR weekly allowance
Professor Jon Pettersen would like to invite 2-4 CIRRUS students for either the whole period (weeks 4-10 + seminar 20 January) or the last 4 weeks (weeks 7-10).“CONSTRUCTION AND CONTEXT. DIGITAL WEAVING”

  • a kick off seminar ‘Making is thinking’ 20 January
  • two weeks core course; guest students who prefer to join will be able to adjust the program according to their background (week 4-5, 2017)
  • week 6 includes no teaching, but the workshop will be open and the technician will be present to assist students
  • four weeks workshop in digital weaving (weeks 7-10); the programme will be adjusted to the group, followed by theory and group/individual tutorials



  • Give access to knowledge relevant for artistic development through theory, digital tools and practice in the studio for weaving.
  • To find new ways of building textiles in 2D and 3D by use of construction in combination with materials, textures and colours.


  • Basic and complex theory on weaves.
  • Construction of weaves and combinations in one or more layers / systems.
  • Methods for developing motives and patterns by using different software: WeavePoint, Photoshop and Nedgraphics (Texelle, Product Creator)
  • Individual tutoring in the process of transforming ideas into the medium of textile.
  • Experiments/ sampling in workshop by using: Digital dobby looms, TC-1, TC-2 and the old jacquard loom with a new digital system.
  • Preparing files for hand-weaving and/or industrial production.
  • Study trip to a weaving factory.

The program for week 4-5 will be organized as a core course for internal students with access to the same tools. The guest students who prefer to join will be able to adjust their program according to their background. Week 6 include no teaching, but the workshop will be open and the part time technician will be there.

The program for week 7-10 will be adjusted to the (partly new) group and followed by theory and tutoring in groups and individually.

Apply with a brief motivation letter and a few work samples to Please state in the application which period you are applying for!

Seminar Friday 20th of January 2017:

Making is Thinking

A seminar focusing on thinking and contextualizing through material; to give value to presence, insight and intimacy in experimenting, to investigate and develop a process where the making, the adjustments, the adding and subtracting are vital elements in developing visual and material art.

Location: Marken 37, Red Room, 2nd floor
Seminar leader: Kari Dyrdal: Textile Artist / professor at KHiB
Contributors (to be confirmed)

Per Inge Bjørlo: Painter, sculptor, installation artist
Gunvor Nervold Antonsen: Textile artist / Installation artist. Recipient of Nordic Textile Award 2015
Thomas Pihl: Painter/associate professor KHiB
Ingrid Aarset: Textile artist/associate professor KHiB
Hilde Hauan Johnsen: Textile artist/professor KHiB
Jorunn Veiteberg: Art Historian, Copenhagen



2016 November 16 – 20th
CIRRUS seats: 2
VAA Nida Art Colony, Taikos str. 43, Nida 93121, Lithuania
Level: 3rd, 4th year BA and MA students
1,5 ECTS
CIRRUS/Nordplus grant: Travel 330 (Iceland 660) EUR + 70 EUR weekly allowance

Please send a motivation letter to Elena Černiauskaitė by 13th of November

Interior Design Department at Vilnius faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts invites you to take a part at the creative workshop with the worldwide famous lighting designer Malcolm Innes (

Malcolm Innes specializes in architectural lighting, design education, interactive and kinetic art. He helped to earn IALD award (the highest recognition of the lighting design field) to the one of the strongest lighting companies in the world Speirs + Major for the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, the interior of Barajas airport in Madrid, public spaces in Glasgow, Copenhagen Opera House lighting solutions.

The natural environment is a constantly shifting wonder of light, shade and colour; with cycles of days and cycles of seasons; subtleties of shifting patterns, colour and other intangible qualities of light allow us to locate ourselves in place and in time. Yet, too often, our man-made environment ignores these natural rhythms and provides the coolness, pattern and variation of a permanently overcast day. However, with skill, knowledge and creativity, practical and pragmatic solutions can be found to enhance the built environment, to tell a story or express a mood, even to enhance nature, but above all to reinsert the dynamic that bad lighting so often extinguishes.

The lighting technical capabilities and local modeling nuances will be presented, the lighting market and the theory of innovation, the use of different light sources, principles, simple and effective ways to simulate lighting will be introduced to you. Small group projects will be created and presented as the final works of the workshop.

The workshop is organized by the VAA VF Interior Design Department.

The event is supported by the lighting solutions company GAUDRĖ

2 students will be selected from Cirrus network partner schools


CIRRUS/Nordplus Higher Education Intensive course
Period: January 21 – 28, 2017 (arrival day 21.01.2017 / departure day 28.01.2017)
Location: Iceland Academy of the Arts (IAA), Thverholt 11, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland
Level: BA
Target group: Design students 2nd or 3rd year BA (also open to MA level students)
Teachers: Tinna Gunnarsdóttir, professor in Product Design at IAA, Gardar Eyjolfsson, programme director in Product Design IAA, Lennart Mänd, professor in Leather and Accessory Design at Estonian Academy of Art (EAA) and Aivar Habakukk, professor in Product Design at EAA. Further teachers to be announced.
How to apply: Send your pdf portfolio (max 5 works) to Tinna Gunnarsdóttir ( no later than November 1, 2016.
How many places: 6 students from CIRRUS member schools will be selected.
Accommodation: Students will be accommodated free-of-charge in a student hostel in Reykjavík (2-4 persons shared rooms). This is within a walking distance from the Academy.
Mobility support: The six selected students will receive a travel grant of 600 EUR each.
Description:The focus of the workshop is the significance of the horse in Icelandic culture. It concerns traditions and current situation of horse use in Iceland through lectures, visits to horse breeders, local companies and workshops, as well as riding excursion in unique surroundings. Sustainability is an overarching topic of the workshop.Overall objects of the workshop: To create awareness and initiate debate about animal waste utilisation.
To learn using traditional and historical materials.
To understand sustainable way of using materials.
To initiate cross-cultural debate about different ways of animal waste utilisation.
To create different design concepts and objects from horse waste.Goals:Critical analyses of sustainable and ecological aspects of horse breeding.
Understanding the significance of horses for the area and its people.
Building cross-cultural ties between different countries, cultures, and traditions.
Getting acquainted with various methods during the research based design process.Course content:-Introductory lectures on sustainability, horse breeding, cultural significance, unique characteristics of the Icelandic horse, utilisation and waste material.
-Visits to local companies, workshops, museums, and breeders.
-Research based methods; filming, documentation, sketching, prototyping using equine materials.
-Excursions to gain physical proximity to the Icelandic horse, visits to breeders and horseback riding tour.
Final presentations, wrap-up and feedback.Outcomes: Critical reflections and awareness of traditional and innovative use of the Icelandic horse, both as a being and a material source, can render further understanding on sustainability and possibilities therein.Literature: Small is Beautiful by E.F. Schumacher, The Craftsman by Richard Sennett.
Hross í Oss / Of Horses and Men (film by Benedikt Erlingsson),Particpants:10 students from the Iceland Academy of the Arts, 4 students from the Estonian Academy of Arts, and 4 students from the University of Lapland. Additionally, 6 students from other CIRRUS member schools will be invited to take part in the intensive course.This intensive course is supported by Nordplus Higher Education programme of the Nordic Council. The course is a collaboration between Estonian Academy of Arts, Iceland Academy of the Arts and University of Lapland.


2016 October 24 – 28th
CIRRUS seats: 4
VAA Klaipeda faculty, Darzu 18, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Level: BA students
1,5 ECTS

Please send a motivation letter and 5 drawings to Lidija Kukliene by 28th of September 

Graphic Design department at Klaipeda faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts is hosting Cirrus express course/workshop on drawing/illustration and self-publish magazine.

The ISO container has become a symbol of the global trade. It has become a familiar sight at the edges of the inhabited areas in all countries of the world. During this hands-on workshop we will investigate where are containers in and around Klaipeda and what stories do they tell us. How can we convey these stories with drawing/illustrating.

Each participant will design a poster / double page for a self-published magazine.

The workshop consists of joint lectures and visits as well as of group work with final presentations. All participants will be briefly introduced to the history of Klaipeda and could also put hands on self-drawing, iliustration, self-published magazine making process.

The short and intensive format of these courses allows students to immerse themselves in the creative life of Klaipeda and collaborate with Klaipeda faculty students while building a network of contacts.

4 students will be selected from Cirrus network partner schools and are entitled to CIRRUS scholarship (330 EUR travel/660 Iceland) + weekly allowance 70 EUR.